Foto 1: Vakantiehuis Joossesweg 97 Westkapelle Zeeland Foto 2: Vakantiehuis Joossesweg 97 Westkapelle Zeeland Foto 3: Vakantiehuis Joossesweg 97 Westkapelle Zeeland

The property is located between Zoutelande and Westkapelle in a cul de sac on the Joossesweg to Westkapelle, just 400 meters walk from the beach. The garden and terrace are completely oriented to the south.

There is also a private parking for two cars ' s doorstep.

A few minutes walk from our apartment is a supermarket (open from Easter until the autumn) with ' morning freshly baked pastries. Within cycling distance you can find a supermarket (JUMBO and SPAR) with a wider range which is open all year.

The property is the ideal starting point for a wonderful bike trail that lies at the bottom of the dunes. You can cycle towards Westkapelle, Domburg and Zoutelande and Vlissingen. Of course you can also walk along beach or sea or over the top of the dunes. On the beach are a short walk from two beach pavilions where you can stay well.

Adres information of the letter
Joossesweg 97
4361KK Westkapelle
Telefoon: 00 32 (0)4 99718489