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The Beach
As well as wide open skies and tranquil landscapes, the surrounding area also offers a wide variety of attractions. In the near vicinity you will find the beautiful wide beaches of Nieuwvliet-Bad, Cadzand-Bad and Groede, which are all within cycling range. You can also find a number of pretty towns and villages in the vicinity, including the charming Groede with its museum street, galleries and pavement cafes; the small town of Sluis with its delightful shops and many restaurants; cultural town Aardenburg; and Breskens, gatekeeper of the Westerschelde, with its marina, seafood restaurants and fish market.

In the direct vicinity of our cottage you can visit the nature reserve De Blikken. Here you will find a bird watching hut from which you can spot flocks of geese flying by in winter, godwits, courting lapwings and other waders in spring and summer. A bit further on near Nieuwvlied you will find the Drowned Black Polder, a sea inlet with many rare plant species. On the border between The Netherlands and Belgium you can find the famous nature reserve Het Zwin. Equally, the Walls of Retranchement are also well worth a visit.

The Belgian hinterland offers many possibilities for day trips. At a mere 25 kilometres from the cottage, Bruges, with its winding streets and pretty canals, is one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Europe. The many museums - including the Old Sint John's Hospital, which has on display works by Memling - offer a range of art one could never tire of. On top of that, the variety of shops in Bruges is excellent. At 50 kilometres is Ghent, the largest city of Flanders and one which has much to offer to the visitor, sporting a rich cultural life. There are also a number of smaller towns and villages which are well worth visiting, including the village of Damme and the fashionable seaside town of Knokke. Of course, all over Flanders you will be able to enjoy the famous delights of Belgian cuisine.