Foto 1: Vakantiehuis trommelweg 2 Domburg Zeeland Foto 2: Vakantiehuis trommelweg 2 Domburg Zeeland Foto 3: Vakantiehuis trommelweg 2 Domburg Zeeland

The holiday home is located directly underneath the dunes, this means that the beach runs for a refreshing swim, a wonderful afternoon in the Sun or a solid walk on the beach, with a cup of hot chocolate at one of the local beach bars.

In the distance you can see the Tower of the village Domburg. A combination of beautiful beaches and a picturesque village just behind the dunes, makes Domburg to a popular seaside resort. The delicious sea air, with in addition the forest and the dunes are real attractions.
By the many shops and restaurants, mostly in the main street is often crowded.
In high season, various events such as the weekly tourist market on Monday from 12: 00 until 21: 00.

Just outside the village of Domburg, towards the village oostkapelle, lies a vast nature reserve ' de Mantelinge '. The total size is 750 ha. and consists of beach, dunes, forest, vroon areas and water features, all around ten historic estates. An impressive area for walking and cycling. By, amongst others, the Forestry Commission are various routes and in the summer season the opportunity each week with a guide on step.